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Welcome to the future of Digital World. Increase the opportunity to grow and assure your success with HD99 Solutions. Make better fit plans and ensure the execution to boost your revenue.




SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the science of optimizing a website so that it appears more prominently when people search for products or services.

Lead Development & Management


We spot a perfect potential customer for your business and keep them engage on your behalf through different activities..

Whatsapp Marketing

We tap on to the most convenient messaging application to reach to every potential customer and keep them engaged

Strategy Planning & Execution


Setting goals, creating a roadmap with responsibilities and deadlines, monitoring progress, and adjusting the plan are all part of strategy planning and execution which we bring into action.

Social Media Marketing


It refers to the means by which people interact in virtual communities and networks to create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas



A method of buying and selling goods and services online.

Events Management


HD99 Solutions Events Management section focuses on the corporate events, sponsorship events, Beauty peagant and many more..

Web Development


Website gives your business a rocket speed growth. We look after its designing, layout, and management to help you leverage your business.

The Combination for Success

Our Success Mantras: Commit to excellence, incorporate innovation, and customer satisfaction as our top priority with strategy planning and execution.

SEO Performance

SEO creates a distinguished position on the internet and leverage your business.


Website provides in-depth knowledge about your business

Social Media Platforms

Social-Media helps to connect with potential clients

Lead Generation

Lead generation finds out the best potential customer and keeps your business growing

Manage Facebook Ads products

Ads Management is the place to begin if you want to run advertising on Facebook and Messenger. It’s a one-stop shop for designing advertisements, controlling where and when they run, and tracking campaign results.

Marketing Consultant in Mumbai
Marketing Consultant in Mumbai

Get top rankings on Google

SEO may boost a website’s exposure and ranking in search engine results pages, resulting in more visitors, leads, conversions, and money. It can also help to increase brand exposure and reputation, as well as improve website user experience.

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Srinagesh Vadrevu
Srinagesh Vadrevu
Wonderful people to work with. Extremely great work ethic and commitment. The staff goes out of the way to make things happen. Even if I relax the staff chases me till i participate and let them finish the job. Kudos Hd99
Sitalakshmi Vadrevu
Sitalakshmi Vadrevu
HD99 is a very professional and solution oriented organisation with talented and hard working people.above all Mr Mukesh has excellent leadership qualities and leads from front .
Sejal Ajmera
Sejal Ajmera
Such a wonderful, sincere and hardworking team... always adding new and interesting stuff to the event... a team that never says no, and is always smiling.. My favorite and go to team since many years...
Meet Kashiyani
Meet Kashiyani
Indian Academy of Vaginal Aesthetics

Our work with HD99 Solutions has been a really good experience. They take into account your needs, a study of the target audience so that you don’t waste your resources & the time spent on the communication and a lot of options given, so we can choose what really suits our brand & message. They are extremely approachable friendly, fun team and willing to put in so many efforts and even push you, so that we achieve the target results …. From personal experience, i saw such a huge change in the numbers and customer satisfaction, that am really grateful to their team for all the efforts put in…. Really looking forward to collaborate and work together for so many more times.

Florian Spa & Salon Designation

HD99 solutions is a remarkable Digital Marketing Agency. Mukesh and Darshana along with their team are top notch professionals and among the hardest working, most creative and innovative people – They know their stuff, inside and out and have consistently delivered amazing results to us. I highly recommend their services.” I am super happy and feel awesome to work with them and I am sure it’s a long way to go with HD99 solutions.

Archana Jain Designation

HD99 Solutions owners Mukesh Mehta and Darshana Mehta are very co-operative and understanding. They understand what we want and deliver it. We have seen them working all round the clock, must say quite dedicated and professional company. It’s always said that employees are the company’s asset, but here even the owners are the asset. Their hard work and sincere efforts make them a company to work with. The only thing that I dislike is that sometimes they work a bit slow, but they still have their ways of covering that up. I’ve been working with HD99 Solutions as my marketing team since 3 months now.They manage 3 of my projects as of now. I am super happy and feel awesome to work with them and I am sure it’s a long way to go with HD99 solutions.

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