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Obtain the superior backlinks your website so richly deserves! For website owners who wish to improve their website’s visibility and search engine ranking, we provide the ideal solution: the 1 Tier Standard Backlinks Package. In addition to a free article submission and premium indexing, your website will receive 500 high-quality backlinks from Web 2.0 and Wiki websites, increasing its visibility and search engine ranking. Boost your traffic right now with our cost-effective and high-quality backlink building service.

One way to build one-tier backlinks that point straight to your website is to make single-level backlinks. Only one tier of links is less effective and is primarily used in conjunction with two and three tiers of custom link building to enhance the do-follow links and raise ranking.

  • Backlinks from Blog Sites
  • Total 2500 Backlinks
  • For 1 Website URL
  • For up to 12 Keywords
  • 100% DoFollow Backlinks
  • Permanent Backlinks
  • Report in 5 Working Days

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How to buy a backlinks package?

  1. WEBSITE URL: Enter your Website / Webpage URL for which you want to create a backlinks profile. Make sure your website/webpage is SEO-optimised with SEO keywords for faster and better ranking on Google and other search engines. You can use our FREE SEO AUDIT TOOL to check your website SEO and find the correct SEO keywords.
  2. KEYWORDS LIST: Enter your SEO keywords by selecting “Total number of keywords”. You can enter a maximum of 10 keywords and make sure you enter only the SEO-optimised keywords. 1st Keyword will be your primary keyword (important keyword that you want to rank), and enter atleast 5 keywords in total.
  3. IMAGE URL: Enter your Image URL, if any. This is optional. Even though it is optional, we recommend you include the image so that the blog will look good and the possibility of a higher rate index on Google that has blogs with images. Our clients have seen good results with this option.
  4. YOUTUBE VIDEO URL: YouTube URL is optional. If you want to promote your YouTube video, you can use this option. Use only YouTube URLs but not YouTube channel URLs.
  5. ARTICLE UPLOAD: This is optional. If you want us to use your article for creating blogs, then you can upload the article in a Word Document file. Make use you include a minimum 500 words article. If you do not upload the article, we will create articles related to your keywords and use them while creating the blogs.

Recommendations when purchasing the backlinks

  1. Keep less percentage of backlinks to the main domain ( and buy more backlinks for your internal SEO pages (Example:
  2. The fewer keywords you buy per backlinks package, the more backlinks created related to the keywords will give you good results.
  3. Using our SEO tool, check the percentage score of your keywords on your SEO page. You will see good results after buying backlinks if the “Keyword” score is above 90%. If the “Keyword” score is above 95%, then excellent results with backlinks across all search engines.
  4. Buy only 2 Tier and 3 Tier packages. 3 Tier packages backlinks are the most powerful links and will give you good results in increasing keywords ranking and website traffic.
  5. 1 Tier backlinks are mainly used to increase the do-follow links if your site has more existing no-follow links.

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